This season, Northwestern will be implementing Purple Pricing for select Northwestern Basketball home games. Purple Pricing GUARANTEES you pay the lowest price for your game tickets.

Purple Pricing is Northwestern's innovative new pricing system where ticket prices may go down over time based on consumer demand, but will never increase.

Some important points to remember:

  • BUY: Allows you to immediately select your seat in your chosen section and purchase your tickets. If the price decreases you will be refunded the difference between your purchase price and the actual final price - that's the Purple Pledge; it means that all fans pay the same price regardless of when they made their purchase.
  • If you submitted a bid in the presale round, your bid remains active. If the price falls to your bid level you will be first in line to purchase the best available seats. Click here to see your bids.
  • NOTE: The Purple Pledge applies to tickets purchased through either method, so if you choose to BID with your price being reached and then the price falls further you will be refunded the difference between your successful bid and the final price in your seating area.